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Eye Care

Eye Care

Most treatment of eye diseases is aimed at reducing inflammation, repairing traumatic injuries, and improving or saving eyesight. Sometimes eye problems, such as a stye will resolve itself within a few days, but anything causing visual disturbances, or if there has been trauma to the eye, will require immediate medical attention.

Retinal surgery

The retina can be described as a thin layer of tissue that is formed at the innermost part of the eye. This part of the eye is extremely light-sensitive, and when light passes through the eye, the image will be focused on the retina. At the end of the retina, some nerves connect to the brain, and through optic nerves, electric signals will transmit the picture to the brain…

Refractive eye surgery

Refractive eye surgery is one of the most common procedures that can improve eye vision or refractive errors or eliminate the need for eyeglasses or contact lenses. In people who have a clear vision, the light rays will be focused on the retina, or in other words, the light will become refracted…

Cataract (one eye)

One of the most prominent signs of aging that can happen in some people is that their vision may become blurry or cloudy. Based on the doctor’s diagnosis, this could be cataracts. Patients who have developed cataracts will have difficulty while read, drive, or see things, and objects may look cloudy…

Dacryocystorhinostomy; DCR

Dacryocystorhinostomy is a type of surgery that is performed to unblock a damaged tear duct in adults by making a tear drain between the eye and nose. One of the functions of eyelids is to drain tears through two small openings in the eye when blinking. The lacrimal sac is the area where old tear will move into by a small tube…

Pterygium surgery

Pterygium is the abnormal growth of conjunctiva tissue – a mucous membrane that covers the white part of the eye over the cornea- that in severe cases may interfere with the vision. Current research has not given the exact cause of developing pterygium; however, it is believed that excessive exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light may be the crucial factor to its overgrowth…


The function of the eye’s optic nerve is to carry information from the eye to the brain. Glaucoma is a serious eye disorder that its late treatment can lead to blindness, mostly in older men. Glaucoma is not noticeable at the early stages, but gradually when it advances, problems will occur in the vision…


Strabismus is a misalignment in the eye in which the direction of the eye is different from each other when looking at an object. People who are susceptible to having poor muscle control are more likely to develop this condition. Crossed eyes can create problems with the vision, like seeing double…



رضا المريض من اهم ألاهداف واصول مدوفا و طبعا وجود أطباء جيدين و عینة منهم تجعل المرضى يثقون بنا. فريق من أفضل وأبرز المهنيين والمتخصصين في الطب یتعاملون مع مدوفا


مدوفا تقدم  لك بوضوح كامل لأننا نعمل من أجلك ، وليس للمستشفيات. نقترح عليك فقط المستشفى الذي اخترناه وفقًا لمعايير الجودة الصارمة ، لذلك لا تحتاج إلى البحث كثيرًا للعثور على أفضل مستشفى لعلاجك. بغض النظر عن المستشفى أو العلاج الذي تختاره ، نحن معك في جميع مراحل علاجك: أثناء عملية الحجز، وخلال زيارتك للعيادة، وخلال فترة الشفاء

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