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Dr Ali Yeganeh

Dr. Ali Yeganeh

Dr. Ali Yeganeh, an orthopedic specialist in the treatment of knee and hip diseases, works with Medova. Dr. Yeganeh specializes in the treatment of chronic knee and hip diseases in Iran. He is an orthopedic specialist at Iran University of Medical Sciences and Associate Professor at Iran University of Medical Sciences.

Dr. Ali Yeganeh Specializing in

  • Knee and hip surgery
  • Joint replacement

Knee pain is a common and unpleasant disease; however, it can be treated. Knee joint replacement or arthroplasty is a knee joint replacement surgery in which the injured joint is completely replaced. One of the most common causes that cause patients to have knee joint replacements is severe knee pain caused by injury, accident, chronic illness or knee joint wear. This severe pain depends on many factors such as the location of the knee pain that may be below the knee, below the knee, patella, age of the person, and so on.

Physician’s advice

In what patients should arthroplasty be performed? Hip and knee joint replacement, one of the golden advances in human medicine in patients with indications, has transformed many people’s lives but is the final line of treatment. Two types of people are not considered for this treatment, first, those with partial or moderate arthritis problems, and second, who have a serious whole-body problem and all or most joints have problems.

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