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Dr Kaveh Mehravaran

Dr. Kaveh Mehravaran

Dr. Kaveh Mehravaran, a urologist specializing in medicine, works with Medova. Dr. Mehravan has his specialty in Urology, Endourology and Laparoscopy Fellowship from Iran University of Medical Sciences.

Dr. Kaveh Mehravaran Specializing in

  • Urology
  • Specialized intra-renal surgery specialty Fellowship
  • Urinary and genital tracts
  • Endovirologist

To treat diseases and problems that occur in organs such as the renal, adrenal glands, ureters (a tube that carries urine from the renal to the bladder), the bladder, Urinal (Urethra) and the men’s fertility system is set up, you have to see a urologist.  Urology is a surgical specialist for the treatment of male and female urinary tract diseases, and the male reproductive organs.

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