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Dr MohammadHossein Taherian

Dr. MohammadHossein Taherian

Dr. Mohammad Hossein Taherian works with Medova as a nose surgeon. Dr. Taherian graduated from the Faculty of Medical Sciences and received his specialty from Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences. He served on the faculty of Kermanshah Medical Sciences for 5 years. Dr. Taherian has had more than 5,500 successful cosmetic surgeries since 1991.

Dr. Mohammad Hossein Taherian Specializing in

  • nose plastic surgery

Nose surgery or rhinoplasty is one of the most common surgeries performed every year in our country and abroad. The shape and appearance of the nose are very important, as much as the shape and size of the nose of some people may be unconsciously related to the person’s personality and quality.

Physician’s advice

We must not forget the first and most important task of the nose. We use the nose to breathe, so we should not breathe in the mouth, we use the nose to breathe in, the nose plays a huge role in our voice and can be a source of problems such as sleep apnea and sinusitis. So, our goal for nose surgery should be to improve facial harmonics, and nose characteristics along with correcting or maintaining the functional role of the nose. Understanding the importance of both the aesthetic beauty and the performance of the nose is critical in achieving a natural and functional nose.

Before and after photos

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