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Dr Seyed Ahmadreza Hashemi

Dr. Ahmadreza Hashemi

Dr. Sid Ahmad Reza Hashemi, a dental implant specialist, works with Medova. Dr. Hashemi has implants from Fellowship and Mastership from ICOI America. He is a member of the ITI Switzerland International Implant Society, a member of the ICOI International Implant Society of America and holds many implant certificates from various companies such as ITI and SPI Switzerland, INTERLOCK America, SIC Switzerland, IHDE Switzerland, Ritter Germany, IDI France, Anyone Megagen is a German and luna product from Korea.

Dr. Sid Ahmad Reza Hashemi Specializing in

  • Reconstruction of the entire mouth and teeth
  • Implant
  • Reconstruction and transplantation of bone and Sinus jaw and beauty

People may lose their teeth due to accidents, traumas, tooth decay, old age, gum disease, and so forth. Lack of teeth, in addition to hurting the mouth, creates a beautiful face and smile. This is where the implant technology comes in handy. Dental Implant or implantation with modern methods and the use of technology and knowledge of the day will replace missing teeth and improve patients’ quality of life.

Physician’s advice

Take care of your oral health. Brushing daily, flossing, using a mouthwash, proper diet and regular dental checkups will help you to have a beautiful and healthy tooth.



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