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Dr Mani Mahdavi

Dr. Mani Mahdavi

Dr. Sid mani Mahdavi, an orthopedic specialist, cooperates with Medova. Dr. Mehdi is a specialist in the treatment of orthopedic and spine diseases. He has been a member of the faculty of Hazrat Raoul Hospital of Iran University of Medical Sciences and has been selected as the Exemplary Physician of the University of Iran in year 97.

Dr. Mani Mahdavi Specializing in

  • Orthopedics
  • Spinal Surgery Fellowship

The treatment of chronic diseases of the spine such as disc protrusion, vertebral fractures, and canal stenosis is the specialty of Dr. Seyyed Mani Mahdavi. Diseases such as slipped disc, cervical spondylosis, arthritis, spinal cord stenosis, sciatica, etc. are among the diseases of the spine. Dr. Mahdavi holds an orthopedic specialist at the Iranian University of Medical Sciences, and a spine surgery spinal fellowship.

Physician’s advice

Backache is the most common complaint in today’s society, which will be even more prevalent with urban, industrial, and sedentary lifestyles.

In general, it maintains lumbar spine health by performing aerobic and aquatic exercises, weight control, and smoking cessation, and should be examined by the orthopedist if the pain is exacerbated and pain propagated to the organs.

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