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Dr MohammadBagher Fatahi

Dr. MohammadBagher Fatahi

Dr. MohammadBagher Fatahi, a specialist in ENT, works as a nose surgeon with Medova. Dr. Fatahi is the first specialty board of the year 1982 at the University of Tehran. He has been doing nose surgery for 34 years, and it has had about 15,000 successful surgeries so far.

Dr. MohammadBagher Fatahi Specializing in

  • Ear nose and throat
  • Nose plastic surgery

The nose is one of the most influential members in facial beauty, which is why nose surgery is world-renowned and is very popular. The nose surgery is aimed at correcting the shape and form of the nose and its fit to the face. For nose surgery, you should also consider post-surgery health in addition to cosmetic appearance.

Physician’s advice

Nasal surgery is more important than marriage because the bad outcome must always be tolerated, except by re-surgery and by a skilled surgeon. As a result, you have to be careful in choosing the surgeon, and search and not fall into the trap of advertising. The result of the surgery should include good breathing and a beautiful form that is personal and natural so that no one will notice the surgery’s nose.

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