Can I choose my accommodation?2020-06-22T13:08:48+00:00

Yes. You can choose your accommodation based on your idea, needs, and budget, and then Medova facilitates your reservation and payment process. Your accommodation can be a 5-star hotel, or a 3-star hotel, an apartment hotel, a suite, and a hostel.

What is the reaction of Medova concerning Coronavirus (Covid-19) disease?2020-06-22T13:07:57+00:00

Based on the current circumstances due to Coronavirus, Madova has prepared a protocol for patient’s activities and will implement this protocol as soon as the patient agrees to come to Iran. In this protocol, all the necessary precautions for the patient and his companions are considered. Additionally, the patient’s accommodation will be disinfected before entering. Disinfection also will be performed at the hospital or clinic. The disinfection package is provided to the patient and his/her companions, too.

Is it possible to have local and international food in Iran?2020-06-22T13:06:58+00:00

Your diet will be determined by the doctor’s prescription and the type of disease. However, if you need local food from your country, there are restaurants in Iran especially in Tehran that you can order online or have your meal in a restaurant.

Do hospitals and accommodation have the necessary facilities to perform my religious duties?2020-06-22T13:06:05+00:00

All hospitals, clinics, and accommodations, such as hotels throughout Iran, have pray room for Muslims, and you can do your religious duties. Also, upon request, you will be able to visit spiritual places such as shrines by Medova during your stay in Iran.

What is the situation of the internet and SIM card in Iran?2020-06-22T13:05:11+00:00

In Iran, various operators provide SIM cards and Internet services. Medova offers you a free SIM card along with an internet package for free.

How are checkup and follow-up perform after treatment and surgery?2020-06-22T13:03:29+00:00

Medova will follow-ups the patient’s conditions up to 6 months after the treatment. These follow-ups are done online or by calling. After the treatment in Iran and returning to your home, your health condition will be continuously checked by the Medova staff. If there is a problem, immediately you will connect to your doctor, and after that, we will send you the doctor’s instructions.

How long will hospitalization last?2020-06-22T12:58:06+00:00

There are some fixed hospitalization periods for standard surgeries and treatments. However, the exact length of your stay in the hospital depends on the type of illness, treatment, and surgery you have, your condition after the surgery and needed to follow ups and appointments with your doctor. All of these issues investigate and the final duration of your stay and will be determent by your doctor. 

Can I travel with my family or be accompanied by someone?2020-06-22T12:57:08+00:00

At least one companion is needed for the treatment of some diseases. If you don’t need any companion and don’t want to travel with your family, Medova has made it possible that one of the staff accompanies you during the therapeutic process for free.

Are there any special medical tests before traveling to Iran?2020-06-22T12:56:11+00:00

Depending on the disease and its progression, some medical tests and imaging may be required before surgery and treatment. For this reason, our staff in the online medical counseling system inform you if there is a need for a series of tests and medical imaging before traveling. In this case, we will send you the doctor’s prescription to take these tests.

Does a translator help us during the medical treatment process?2020-06-22T12:55:13+00:00

At all stages of the treatment, a translator/interpreter accompanies you. Our translators in Medova are familiar with diseases, how to treat it, and the steps the patients should take for accurate treatment in medical processes. Therefore, he or she quotes your problems and helps you to communicate with the doctors and also explain the doctor’s answer and process.

What is the standard voltage in Iran?2020-06-22T12:54:14+00:00

The standard power supply voltage in Iran is 220V and the frequency is 50Hz. The plug and outlet types in Iran are as same as the Central European (dual) type.

Does Medova assist patients in exchanging money into Iranian currency?2020-06-22T12:53:19+00:00

Exchanging money into the currency of Iran is one of the additional services that Medova offers to patients. Money Exchange in Iran is done in two ways, the governmental rate, and the market rate. The government rate is lower than the market rate and is for some special purposes like trading fundamental goods and it needs authorization permits. This rate is constant in a year but not technically available for people and tourists. The market rate uses widely in routine daily life but it is about 3-5 times higher than the governmental rate and more expensive. Also, due to the instability and fluctuations in this exchange rate, sometimes changing daily in Iran. Due to these reasons, Medova helps you to exchange your money based on the latest market exchange rate. 

I need some information about payment methods and the use of ATMs in Iran?2020-06-22T12:52:11+00:00

Due to sanctions, none of the international credit/debit cards are practical in Iran. The Iranian banking system is local and offers Shetab credit cards which only works in Iran. You can use these credit cards in ATMs all over Iran, including shopping in stores, and other payments. The currency in Iran is Rial (official) and Toman which is more common among the people. Upon request, Medova will provide you a credit card from one of the Iranian banks with financial credit as much as you want and then you can easily use it wherever inside Iran. 

Do you offer an airport transfer service?2020-06-22T12:51:20+00:00

Yes. One of the additional services that Medova provides is the airport transfer and ground transportation services. If patients require this service, Medova arranges the services based on your request.

Is the medical care system developed in Iran?2020-06-22T12:50:23+00:00

Iran is one of the best countries in the Middle East in terms of advanced and developed medical facilities. Medova works with the best hospitals and medical centers that have advanced medical facilities. 

Is it safe to travel for medical treatment purposes?2020-06-22T12:49:26+00:00

There is a potential risk of treating some diseases if you want to travel. Otherwise, if you are not prohibited to travel Iran is one of the best medical tourism destinations in the west of Asia and the Middle East. There are many specialized physicians and modern medical equipment in Iran. The medical staff and the Iranian health community have tried to minimize the risks of treatment at every stage. 

How many days should I stay in Iran for the treatment?2020-06-22T12:48:22+00:00

Medical documents that patients send before arriving in Iran determine the duration of the treatment since for each disease and condition the answer could be different. For some treatments, the duration of stay is known. For example, for cosmetic nose surgery, the duration of stay in Iran is seven days. Details of each operation can be found here.

Can Medova apply for a visa?2020-06-22T12:46:02+00:00

Applying for a visa is one of the additional services offered by Medova. If you pay for booking your surgery, Medova helps you to collect your visa and arranges hotel reservations.

Does Medova only provide tourism services?2020-06-22T12:44:10+00:00

No, providing medical services, beauty, hair, and skin, and performing medical and cosmetic surgeries are the main activities of Medova. If the patient requests tour services and the physician approves that there would be no risk, Medova provides tour services such as city sightseeing.

In which cities of Iran does Medova provide services?2020-06-22T12:43:17+00:00

The cost of treatment in different cities of Iran is almost the same. We usually suggest performing the surgery in Tehran since specialized physicians are more easily available in Tehran and also there are many advanced and modern hospitals and medical centers in Tehran. However, Medova provides medical services in other cities, such as Qom and Mashhad.

Can patients choose their desired physician by themselves?2020-06-22T12:42:09+00:00

Selecting a physician depends on the type of disease and treatments. However, after a free medical examination, you will be referred and introduced to one or more doctors. You can check the doctors’ background at the Medova website, and choose your preferred physician. If you want to perform your surgery in Tehran, you can select the doctor and we arrange your appointment to visit the doctor. 

How important is the role of the doctor in the success rate of your treatment?2020-06-22T12:41:21+00:00

Medova works with experienced physicians and advanced medical centers. The level of patient satisfaction from surgeons and results of cosmetic, hair, and skin treatments are very high till now. A large percentage of a physician’s success in treating diseases, such as infertility depends on the patient’s condition, the couple’s age, and many other factors. However, the success rate of physicians for treatments is very high since Medova only works with the best doctors in every different field.

How much is the success rate of treatments?2020-06-22T12:40:31+00:00

The percentage of treatment success depends on the type of disease and some other various factors. The success rate of cosmetic, hair, and skin surgeries are almost defined because the type of surgery is determined based on the patient’s request and needs. The success rate for other surgeries such as cardiovascular disease depends on the progression of the disease and other factors, such as postoperative care.

What does Medova do?2020-06-22T12:39:48+00:00

Medova facilitates the therapeutic process for patients from other countries who selects Iran as their medical treatment destination. Medova services cover a wide range of surgical and non-surgical treatments, such as cosmetic services, skin, and eye diseases. Getting tickets and airport transfers, accommodation, translators, accompanying patients through the medical treatment process and city sightseeing are some of the additional services that Medova offers to all patients around the world. 

How does the physician select for the required treatment?2020-06-22T12:38:51+00:00

After the medical consultation and determining the steps for the desired treatment, the doctor who is most experienced in the determined treatment will be selected. We also consider the price limitation since the cost of surgery is different based on the experience of the surgeon, especially in aesthetic surgeries. Medova tries to make a balance between the experience of the surgeon and the affordability and your expectations.

How much does treatment without additional services coast?2020-06-22T12:37:20+00:00

Medical documents are required for calculating the cost of treatment. Through free consultation which is arranged by specialized doctors at Medova, these documents are reviewed. After reviewing and determining the process of treatment, the cost of treatment will be announced.

How is the cost of treatment calculated?2020-06-22T12:36:12+00:00

The cost of treatment depends on the disease and some other factors. In order to estimate the cost at first medical consultation is needed to know the level of disease and current conditions of the patient. Medova provides free medical counseling for all necessary treatments that are related to illness and surgery. In addition to providing medical treatments, Medova offers extra services, such as airport transfers, accommodation, sightseeing and etc. Based on the cost of medical treatment itself and additional services, the final cost of a therapeutic trip to Iran is calculated. 



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