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Axon Clinic

Axon Clinic


The Axon Addiction and Neurology Treatment Clinic, which is officially licensed by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, is the most well-equipped and premier out-patient and in-patient treatment center for substance abuse and psychiatric patients in Iran. This clinic has two separate ward in-patients for ladies and gentlemen. The presence of specialists and experienced physicians along with other medical staff and personnel is the prestige and support of Axon Clinic. This has led the center to provide patients and their families with the highest level of service.

Treating addicts, neurologists and psychiatrists with purely medical and scientific methods is the main mission and purpose of Axon Clinic. At Axon Clinic, patients are treated under the supervision of a psychiatrist, psychologist, and psychiatric nurse. The medical staff monitors patients’ treatment process hostels and reports to their families. Psychiatrists monitor the patient’s physical and mental health on a daily basis, and daily psychologists privately and in groups advise patients and monitor their health.


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Drug Detoxification, Psychiatry, Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience, Patient in-patients


Axon Clinic is located in the north of Tehran.



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