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Basir Clinic

Basir Clinic


Basir Clinic is Iran’s first private ophthalmology center. This clinic was opened in 1993 with the aim of diagnosing, treating and performing a variety of eye surgeries. This clinic is officially licensed by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education. Basir clinic with ophthalmologists, the best and most up-to-date ophthalmology equipment, speed in diagnosis and stages of the disease, treatment, and surgery, respect and reverence for patients, reasonable prices and cooperation with all types of health insurance, have attracted the attention of the Iranian people and neighboring countries. For this purpose, the clinic has branches in Tehran, Shiraz, etc., so that patients can easily use its facilities.


Ecoloplasty: strabismus, blepharoplasty, ptosis, plaque punctum, probing, lacrimal duct (DCR), eye drain, chalazion, entropion, ectropion, orbit

Ophthalmic Surgery: LASIK, LAZK, FEMATOLYSIC, Cataract (FICO Method), Cross-Linking, PHYSICS

Retina: Vitrectomy, Silicone Injection, Scrabble, Avastin Injection, Silicone Discharge

Corneal: Ring implantation, Secondary lens implantation, Corneal transplantation, Antirio vitrectomy, Pterygium, Cryotherapy, Lensectomy

Glaucoma (glaucoma): Glaucoma, Ahmed valve


The Basir Clinic is located in Tehran, on the North Jamalzadeh Street.



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