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Day Hospital

Day Hospital


Day Hospital has 200 fixed beds and 196 active beds as one of the first-rate public hospitals and operates in one of the largest specialized and sub-specialist medical centers in Iran.

Day Hospital utilizes the latest and most modern facilities, upgraded to specialize and sub-specialist care and health services, providing a comfortable and relaxed environment of international standards to patients applying. This hospital was established from the outset by formulating hospital standards and providing the best treatment models to improve the quality of community health.


This hospital offers a variety of treatment services at specialized clinics: physicians’ visits, colposcopy, stroboscopy, brain electrocardiography, nerve and muscle tapes, ophthalmology, electrocardiography, echocardiography, exercise testing, cryo, echo stress, FNA chest and thyroid, Ear Wash, Ear Tape (Ear Nerve Tape)


Ophthalmology Clinic, Gynecology Clinic, Urology Clinic, Ear and Throat and noes Clinic, Echo Clinic, Cardiology Clinic (Eco-Exercise Test), Internal Endocrine Clinic, Internal Gastroenterology Clinic, Orthopedic Clinic, Pediatric Clinic, Internal Clinic, and Neurosurgery Clinic, Respiratory Disease Clinic, Internal Clinic, Nephrology Clinic, Plastic Surgery Clinic, Nutrition Clinic, General Surgery Clinic, Rheumatology Clinic, Stroboscopy, Oncology Clinic, Psychiatric Clinic, Lung Surgery Clinic, Pain and treatment Control Clinic


The hospital is located in Tehran’s Valiasr Ave in the Abbas Abad area.



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