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Maryam Hair and Beauty Clinic

Maryam Hair and Beauty Clinic

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Maryam Clinic which is specialized in skin, hair, and beauty provides high-quality ‎treatments for patients by using new methods. ‎

Maryam clinic has a therapeutic approach to treating skin and hair diseases. ‎The clinic, which offers a variety of services in the field of skin and hair, is ‎officially licensed by the Iran Ministry of Health and Medical Education. ‎


Skin rejuvenation, hair transplant, laser hair removal,  tattoo removal,  weight ‎loss and fitness, micro pigment, fractional laser, gel injection, Botox injection, ‎monotherapy injection, PRP injection, lipo injection, lipolysis, blepharoplasty, ‎and relaxation massage therapy.‎


Maryam Specialty Skin & Hair Clinic is located in Tehran and Niavaran area.

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