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Noor Clinic

Noor Clinic

About ‎

Noor Eye Hospital started its activity by running the first Iranian specialty ‎ophthalmology clinic. Then, in 2013 the hospital was developed by ‎constructing new buildings and using advanced facilities medical equipment. ‎

Noor Eye Hospital has knowledgeable and skilled ophthalmologists, eye ‎specialists, eye surgeons and well-trained staff in a beautiful and comfortable ‎environment. ‎

Noor Eye Hospital is very famous in Iran because it is a pioneering eye ‎hospital based on the latest technology and its good reputation. ‎


Refractive correction, introduction to cataract disease, retina surgery, eyelid ‎and lacrimaldiseases, corneal surgery, amblyopia, strabismus, glaucoma, ‎cosmetic services (blepharoplasty)‎


Specialty Clinics: Corneal sub-subspecialist Clinic, Retina sub-Specialist Clinic, Strabismus & Orbits sub-specialist Clinic, Juvenile sub-specialist Clinic, Neuropathology sub-specialist Clinic, Glaucoma sub-specialist Clinic, Ophthalmic Surgeons Clinic, Noor Eye Hospital Emergency

Specialty Clinics: Orthopedic Clinic, Lazy Eye Clinic, Lens Clinic, Keratoconus Clinic, Low Vision Clinic, Diabetes Clinic, Pediatric Clinic, Presbyopia Clinic


Noor Clinic is located in Tehran, Zafar Ave.

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