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White House Clinic

beauty is feature that are important to most people. Attention to physical beauty is also evident in historical monuments. Today, with the advancement of medical science and the development of technology, science also helps human beings to satisfy their desire for beauty. The White House Clinic also relies on up-to-date knowledge to provide the best quality beauty services to its audience .White House Hair and Skin Clinic has been working in the field of beauty services since 1982. This collection was launched more than 15 years ago by Dr. Qassem Aslani, the founder of the collection. In the following, we want to make you more familiar with the Clinic and its services.

White House Clinic


The White House clinic is one of the oldest hair transplant centers in Tehran. The clinic is officially licensed by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education. The White House has had successful therapeutic trends despite having the best equipment and technology in the world and having experienced specialists. The clinic has a working history of 15 years.

The availability of up-to-date equipment and technology along with reliable services has enabled good and reputable dermatologists and surgeons to work with the White House. Attending the clinic’s workshops, physicians are updating their scientific level, utilizing the latest in aesthetic treatments and techniques.


Hair: Hair transplant, eyebrow implant, beard implant, mesotherapy

Laser Rejuvenation: Endolift, CO2 Fraction Laser, RF Fraction, RF Contra

Skin Rejuvenation: Hypnotherapy, Abrasion Microderm, Abrasion Hydroderm, Carboxy Therapy

Other Services: Laser Eyelid Surgery, Fat Injection, Gel Injection, Botox Injection, Tattoo Removal


The White House is located in Tehran, in the Jordan area.



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