Medova is a provider of health care services and programs to tourists and patients from all over the world in Iran.

Therapeutic tours are planned and implemented by Medova for the treatment of illnesses, performing a variety of medical procedures and tourist health check-ups.


Therapeutic appropriate price in Iran: Medical costs in Iran are lower than average worldwide prices, and treatment is provided in Iran with the highest quality and satisfaction.


Modern medical services: The availability of medical professionals, the variety of treatments, equipment and equipped medical centers, gives us the opportunity to deliver the best and most up-to-date medical services of the highest quality.


Providing services with world standard: Medova has strived to provide health tourism services globally. These services are personalized in your specialized and reliable health care packages.


Before and After

Patient satisfaction is one of the goals of Medova, and having good doctors, resumes, and a sample of them makes patients trust. A team of the best and most prominent medical professionals and medical professionals is involved with Medova.



Dr. Mohammad Hossein Najafi, a cardiologist, cooperates with Medova.  Dr. Najafi is a specialist in the treatment of heart disease in Iran and the Persian Gulf countries.



Dr. Sidmani Mahdavi, an orthopedic specialist, cooperates with Medova. Dr. Mehdi is a specialist in the treatment of orthopedic and spine diseases.

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