what is bioresonance therapy?

The number of people who are more careful about their health and try to find other ways except eating pills is increasing. On the other hand, the number of patients who want to play a role in their treatment process and not just accepting the prescription and taking medicine is growing. In the other world, complementary medicine is growing and it will help scientific-based medicine.

Bioresonance referred to energy medicine, electrodermal testing, and Bio-Energetic Information (BIT). Based on energetic medicine, our physical health depends on our body energy level.  The classic bioresonance therapy invented by Morell and Rasche, in 1976. It illustrates if our body’s energy field distorts or disrupts then our buddy has poor health or disease.  The radiation of electromagnetic fluctuation spectrum from our body help has information and scientists use this information for patients’ biophysical treatments.  Bioresonance is a noninvasive therapy that measures the electrical resistance of the response therapies based on using electrodes on your skin for both diagnosis and treatments. All electrodes connect to the machine and it checks the resonance wavelength and detects unhealthy ones. By matching the frequency of the abnormality cure. Since the therapy is noninvasive, babies and children or adult persons who are sensitive can benefit from it.  This method also helps to diagnose disease you never know them and this early diagnose is one of the keys in the treatment process due to late diagnoses in several cases have no satisfying treatment results. This type of therapy is especially useful for intoxication, allergy, pain, and metabolic disease.

Even if a patient wants to use bioresonance only for diagnosis, it is more useful as it is very quick and just in a couple of hours all the body checks and it is very affordable since the price is not comparable by the usual medical test you need to do one by one.

What you can do in Iran?

We are working with one of the famous international biomedical centers and you can do your checkup in Iran and diagnose all diseases you may have at the most affordable price. There is some general analysis like analyzing the blood, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, digestive system, nervous system, immune system, liver, bile ducts, pancreas, kidneys, urinary tract, enzymes and hormones, psychiatric, stress, and lymph. Identifying damaged organs and discovering cells susceptible to much common disease and determine the deficiency of minerals and vitamins needed for the buddy is another issue. Assessment of acid-alkali balance, metabolism of carbohydrate, fat, protein, performance of the detoxification system, evaluation of contamination with common types of microorganisms, and electromagnetic contamination are other diagnostic tests.  Except for the general tests special analysis of male sex organs, hormone function and sexual function such as testicle and prostate are the next set of diagnostic analyses. As same to men for women there are special female sex analyses and evaluation of sex organs and hormone functions such as uterus and ovaries. If there is some problem in any of the mentioned diagnostic tests, it is possible to examine by a specialist and take the related medical tests in Iran.

We in MEDOVA assist you in your travel to Iran and all diagnostic tests and treatments in addition to sightseeing in Iran. Our services include visa, accommodation, transportation, and a translator or tour guide who escort you during your treatment process or tour.


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